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Stoney Brook Veterinary Hospital

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Payment Information

Check out Stoney Brook Veterinary Hospital's financial policy and payment information below.

Financial Policy

At Stoney Brook Veterinary Hospital, our goal is to provide you with high-quality veterinary care. In order to do this, we hire well-trained, talented employees and provide them with continuing education. We also purchase high-quality equipment, medications, and vaccines and keep our medical facility up to premium standards. Providing premium veterinary care can be costly and we know that financial considerations are a component of your decision-making. We want you to feel comfortable discussing costs with us. To help, we will review the treatment plan and estimated price with you in advance of all non-routine procedures and recommendations. You may request the treatment plan costs for both routine and non-routine items at any time.

All routine or elective procedures must be paid for at the time the services are rendered. This includes all office visits, exams, consults, scheduled surgeries, recheck appointments, dispensed medications or food, retail items, blood tests, ultrasounds, x-rays, and vaccinations.

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We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, CareCredit, and Scratchpay.

Please note: While we are happy to accept your personal check, if your check is returned for non-sufficient funds, you expressly authorize your account to be electronically debited or bank drafted for the amount of the check plus any applicable fees. These fees total $55. The use of a check payment is your acknowledgment and acceptance of this policy and its terms and conditions.

Credit Policy

  • Payment is due at the time of service.

  • Emergency cases for clients with delinquent accounts will be stabilized only. Treatments will be continued after arrangements for payment in full are made.

  • Outstanding invoices are considered delinquent after 90 days and will terminate any charging privileges indefinitely.

  • Any non-emergency services or treatments for clients with delinquent accounts must be paid in full at the time they are rendered.

  • Declaration of bankruptcy and default of any portion will terminate charging privileges indefinitely.

  • Bills turned over to a collector will terminate charging privileges indefinitely.

  • SBVH reserves the right to extend credit.

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Pet Insurance

As veterinary care is becoming more sophisticated and more expensive, there are some benefits to obtaining veterinary medical insurance for your pets. Most of these programs involve the pet owner paying for treatment and providing claim forms, and then getting reimbursed by the insurance company. Most pet insurance companies do not pay the veterinary hospital directly.

There are many companies out there but here are a few commonly used ones: