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We offer telehealth services: consultations about your pet's health via phone or video.

Pet Telehealth Services for the Upper Valley

We know there's nothing more important to you than your pet's health and happiness. It's important to us, too - that's why we're here! To have time to care for everyone's pets and continue to be a resource for information, we offer telehealth services: consultations about your pet's health via phone or video.

For clients wanting a telephone consult, a review of pictures/video, or case management without an on-site exam, the fee will be $95 for a new problem consultation and $69 for a consultation for an ongoing problem, with each of these consultations taking up to 30 minutes. Additional communication through this method will be considered case management for an ongoing problem at $69 per 30-minute consult.

Telehealth appointments are scheduled like regular appointments, but there is no need to bring your pet to Stoney Brook - a doctor will call you at the scheduled time. It may be important for the doctor to see your pet via video chat or via photos that you text or email to us, so please have your pet available during the telehealth consult.

The telehealth option is available to pets who have had a physical exam at Stoney Brook within the past 12 months. Telehealth consultations are not a replacement for annual on-site physical exams - our doctors need to physically examine your pet at least once per year to maintain an up-to-date health baseline they can use to accurately treat any other issues that arise, prescribe medications, and maintain the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship.

Pre- and Post-exam Communication

You may have questions before or after an exam, whether it’s an on-site physical examination or a telehealth consultation. It's important you get the information you need for your pet's health. Our client care team and nurses can help you with questions before an exam. After every exam and telehealth consultation, our doctors are available for one email or call at no additional charge. All additional consultation with a doctor after the first email/call is subject to a telehealth fee ($47.50 for every 15 minutes that the doctor is focused on your pet's case). Please understand that while our doctors are very knowledgeable, sometimes they must research a medicine, treatment, lab result, etc., or may even need to consult with a specialist, but we will never charge you for the time we don't spend focused on you and your pet! Some communications will be delegated by our doctors to our nursing staff.

Please call or email us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.