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Stoney Brook Veterinary Hospital

Prescription Refills

Fill out the form to request a refill.

We will call or email you when your prescription is ready for pick up.

Please allow 48 hours for processing.

If you need a same-day refill, please call and speak with our pharmacy technician. We cannot always accommodate same-day refill requests. It is imperative that you request your pet's prescription to be refilled at least 5-7 business days in advance.

Check out our refill policy below.

Prescription Refill Policy

Online refills can be a fast and convenient way to refill your pet’s prescription(s).

To Refill a Medication...

  1. Your pet must have a current doctor-patient relationship with one of our veterinarians. Annually your pet visits us for vaccines. Their doctor will also discuss their needs, which may include prescription diets, preventative, and medications.

  2. Many medications require regular, scheduled laboratory monitoring to determine if the medication is working appropriately. The frequency and type of laboratory testing will be discussed and determined by your veterinarian during the initial exam. Keep in mind, the plan may need to be altered as new information is discovered with current laboratory results.

  3. Please allow for 48 hours for processing your request. We do our best to get prescriptions filled same day, however some prescriptions require compounding, special order, doctor approval and review, or laboratory testing before they can be granted. Please call to set up a phone consultation if you have questions about your pet's condition or long-term plan.

Our front desk will be happy to get you in touch with your pet's doctor or book online using the link below!